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Sports Mast Hi Cam

The SportsMast 30 is a versatile and an all-round useful telescopic mast suitable for schools, teams, individual coaches and video analysts from any sport who are on a budget but want a quality and affordable solution for elevated filming of matches, training and other activities.

The SportsMast 30 is “Manually Extended” and “ Air Cushioned” for safe controlled retraction. It’s simple to use, easy to set up and take down in under five minutes and it’s also very lightweight making it perfect for travelling around for example at away matches or training sessions and will fit into the smallest of cars.

You can use the SportsMast 30 at any height between 1.0m all the way up to 3m. At 3m the SportsMast 30 has a 2kg head load, so we are able to mount our Standard Pan and Tilt Power Head with extra tilt plate and a small camcorder with ease.

At ground level an optional battery operated monitor can be attached to the monitor clamp flexi arm allowing you to see exactly what you are filming and recording.

Sports Mast Hi Cam

Our SportsMast 30 “WiFi” option allows you mount a WiFi Camcorder on top of a wifi pan and tilt power head and use an Iphone, Smart Phone, Ipad or Tablet at ground level to see what you are filming and control the cameras zoom in/out plus record functions with an app that you install on your device. We have a range of Iphone/Ipad/Tablet flexi arms with clamp so you can attach your device to the mast.

The SportsMast 30 is also a very useful addition for those clubs, schools, colleges and universities that already own one of our other larger SportsMast’s with either an HD camcorder solution or with one of our SportsCam Pan Tilt Zoom Dome Cameras.

You can use the SportsMast 30 in a Stadium or on a balcony or maybe on top of a gantry of platform to act as a strong SportsMast tripod solution. This means that you can deliver the same type of footage that you take at other locations such as training grounds and use the same equipment.

Sports Mast Hi Cam

Please see the photos on this page. Due to some teams and individuals already owning a camcorder and/or monitor we have put together a range of packages and options to suit your specific requirements which are highlighted in the table below.The FAQ’s section below will hopefully answer any of the questions that you may have or alternatively if you can't find the answer you are looking for then please email us at or call us on +44 (0) 7702 004842.

SportsMast 30 3m high
SportsMast 30 3m high
SportsMast 30 3m high

SportsMast 30 Mini (3m) Packages:

Package 1: Package 2: Package 3: Package 4: Live Video Capture
SportsMast 30 (3m) All contents in Package 1 plus All contents in package 1 plus All contents in packages 1 & 2 plus
Integrated/Adjustable Tripod Full HD Camcorder Full HD WiFi camcorder Apple Mac/Laptop Shelf & Stand
Pan & Tilt Power Head 7” HD Field Monitor WIFI Pan Tilt Power Head Mac/Laptop Full Rain Cover
Pan & Tilt extension cable (5m) Monitor Clamp Flexi Arm Camcorder/Monitor Carry Case Video Converter Device
Pan & Tilt remote control Camcorder Zoom/Record Controller 32GB SD Memory Card Portable Power Pack
Extra Tilt Adapter Plate Zoom/Record Extension Cable (5m) Spare Camcorder Battery
Quick Release Headload Adapter        HDMI Video Extension Cable (5m) Flexi Arm with Clamp
Compatible Video Cable (5m)         Camcorder/Pan Tilt Rain Cover Rain Cover for Camcorder/Pan Tilt  
3 Auto Tension Guy Wires Camcorder/Monitor Carry Case    
Adjustable Peggable Feet 32GB SD Memory Card    
6 Zinc Plated Soft Ground Stakes    Spare Camcorder Battery    
3 Hard Ground Stabilisation Weight Bags      
Magnetic Spirit Level      
Rubber Mallett      
Cable Management Velcro Straps      
Mast Carry Bag      
Accessories Carry Bag      
Optional Extras that can be purchased:Laptop Computer, Apple Mac Computer, Ipad/Tablet, Video Analysis Software for windows and mac.  

SportsMast 30 Technical Specifications:

  • 1.0m Fully Retracted
  • 3m Fully Extended
  • 25mm Top Tube
  • 45mm Base Tube
  • 4kg total weight including mast, integrated tripod and carry bag


Q) What type of camcorder can be used?

A) You can use any camcorder (up to 1kg) on top of the SportsMast 30. If you want to be able to control the zoom in/out and record functions at ground level via hard wired or wifi then we would need to check the camcorders compatibility.

Q) What if I want to use my own camcorder but don’t have any video cables?

A) We can generally supply a 5m video cable to accommodate most camcorders. This can be hdmi, firewire, component or composite.

Q) Can I control my camcorders record and zoom functions at ground level?

A) Depending on the make and model of your camcorder this is potentially possible. If you provide us with the make and model of your camcorder we can check out its compatibility. If your camcorder doesn’t have the “Remote Control” or “Lanc Control” (as it is commonly known) functionality then we can supply you with an affordable HD quality camcorder that does. The same applies with wifi camcorders (Please see one of the SportsMast 30 packages).

Q) If my camcorder has the correct connection that allows the record and zoom functions at ground level to be controlled can you supply me with the long cables, adaptors and remote controller?

A) Yes…..we can supply all of the adaptors, long cables and a variety of remote controllers to suit.

Q) Does the Standard Pan & Tilt Power Head require mains power to be used with the SportsMast 30?

A) No….the Pan and Tilt Power Head can be used with 4 x AA Batteries (Supplied). There is a mains power plug but this is generally never used with this set up. You will also get the 5m Pan and Tilt Extension Cable and the controller so you can pan left, right and tilt up and down. The batteries will last for a long time before they need changing but also keep some spare in your bag just in case you leave the pan and tilt head switched on when it’s not in use!

Q) What is an extra tilt plate?

A) The extra tilt plate is connected to the Pan and Tilt Power head and allows you to obtain a greater degree of tilt that you want. This allows you then to capture footage at the touchline or at your feet etc.

Q) How long does the SportsMast 30 take to set up and take down?

A) Once you have done it a couple of times then you should be able to set up and take down in under five minutes.

Q) What happens with movement in very windy conditions?

A) The SportsMast 30 is considerably strong for a lightweight telescopic mast. However in windy conditions you can use the three guy wires that are supplied in with the package. The guy wires are connected to a ring at the top of the mast and can then be pegged into the ground with the supplied stakes. You also get a weight bag that can be filled with something like ballast or sand if you are filming on hard ground. The adjustable feet also have holes in them so you can peg these as well.

Q) How heavy is the SportsMast 30 when travelling around?

A) The SportsMast weighs only 7.5kg when it’s packed away in its carry case. A carry bag is also supplied for the accessories and the typical weight including a camcorder, monitor, pan and tilt head plus all of the cables and other accessories is only 8kg.

Q) What’s the height of the SportsMast 30 when it’s fully closed down?

A) Its fully retracted height is 1.0m (approx 3ft 3”). So you can see that it is pretty compact and also this small retracted height makes it nice and easy for people to mount the pan and tilt head plus camcorder etc when setting up, plus it’s easy to fit in the boot of a car etc.

Q) Are the legs on the SportsMast 30 height adjustable?

A) Yes the feet on the tripod legs are height adjustable, they also have holes in so you can peg/stake them into the ground and you will also be able to attach our wheel system (optional extra) to them.

Q) How weatherproof is the SportsMast 30?

A) The mast and tripod itself weatherproof, they are both powder coated. We can supply a rain cover that goes over the top of the camcorder and pan and tilt head to protect it. Small weatherproof covers can also be supplied for the monitor at ground level.

Q) How secure are the cables when attached to the Pan and Tilt Power Head and the Camcorder?

A) All of the cables come supplied inside some braided sleeving which keeps them all together. We provide you with a few Velcro straps and a hinged ring so that the cable set can be secured at the top, middle and bottom. This makes sure that they don't blow around in the wind……

Q) Is the SportsMast 30 compliant for domestic airline weight restrictions?

A) Yes is the answer, the SportsMast 30 when packed away in the carry case plus the separate accessories case come way under the baggage allowance. You should still have around 5kgs standard luggage left for the aircraft hold plus your hand luggage allowance. I have based this around 20kgs luggage allowance in the aircrafts hold.

Q) What warranty comes with the SportsMast 30?

A) It comes with a standard 12 month warranty.

Q) Can I use a DSLR camera rather than a camcorder if I want to shoot video or take photos?

A) Yes no problem… can mount a DSLR Camera in the same way as you would do a camcorder. There are various controls available so that you can trigger the DSLR camera and also ways that you can view the image at the bottom via a small monitor etc. We can supply all of the necessary video and usb cables etc.

Q) Can I upgrade the SportsMast 30 Package 1 to Packages 2 and 3 at a later date?

A) Yes……any of the packages can be upgraded at any stage.

Q) Can the SportsMast 30 be purchased from anywhere in the world?

A) Yes we can ship the SportsMast 30 and all accessories to any country in the world. Delivery charges are quoted on a case by case basis.

Q) Can additional or replacement parts be purchased for the SportsMast 30?

A) Yes any additional or replacement parts can be ordered as and when required. Please email us at for information.

Q) Can the SportsMast 30 be used for ‘Portable Floodlighting’?

A) Yes……we have a Portable Floodlight pack as an optional accessory that can be purchased. We recommend that the maximum extended height with the Portable Floodlight is 3m. You can obviously use the floodlight at any height between 1.0m and 3.0m.

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