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SPORTSMAST 101 (9m) The SportsMast 101 (9m) can be extended up to 9m (30ft), it’s the tallest in the portable range with integrated tripod but it’s the heaviest. It is a strong, custom-made, quality aluminium “Pump up Pneumatic Telescopic Mast” with a fully integrated tripod. It boasts a 45mm top tube and thick 101mm base tube. The SportsMast 101 also works on “Reverse Air Pressure” technology which means that no section of the mast needs to be touched when it is pumped up as it will stay up on its own. By simply untwisting the air valve at the bottom of the base section the SportsMast 101 gently glides to the bottom.

The SportsMast 101 9m as with the others in the range is simple to use, easy to set up and take down and even though it’s the heaviest in the portable range with integrated tripod it’s still easy enough to transport and manoeuvre. You can use the SportsMast 101 at any height between 1.68m all the way up to 9m.

At 9m the SportsMast 101 boasts a very decent 10kg head load, so we are able to mount multiple standard pan and tilt power heads with camcorders, up to 4 static IP Cameras, a SportCam PTZ Dome Camera or the new speed variable SportsPan pan and tilt power head with video camera. In even the most severe weather conditions this SportsMast is still very stable plus you could if you wanted to extend the SportsMast to just 7.5m which would then give you a sizeable 52mm top tube and at 6m a 59mm top tube, so coupled with the 101mm base tube this SportsMast becomes even more stable. At ground level a battery operated monitor can be attached to the magic arm allowing you to see exactly what you are filming and recording. You also have the option of using our bespoke Laptop Shelf with rain cover with a Laptop or Apple Mac that comes with the kit as standard. An accessories tray can also be provided if you want to store additional items such a canopus or blackmagic video converters, an additional laptop or mac etc.

The SportsMast 101 is another fantastic system for teams and individuals that take their video analysis very seriously and to another level. If you want a portable, strong and stable mast to give you fantastic video results plus a variety of mounting options then the SportsMast 101 is a great choice.

The SportsMast 101 (9m) is supplied with a very comprehensive list of kit and accessories. There are very few accessories to buy with the SportsMast 101 as we want to provide our customers who purchase this product with everything they need to completely fulfil their video analysis needs. If there is anything that you want to have made bespoke for the SportsMast 101 then please get in contact with us at and we can liaise with our technical team to see if it is feasible. For further information or if you have any questions then please email us at or call us on +44 (0) 7702 004842.


  • SportsMast 101 (7.5m) with fully integral Tripod and magnetic level.
  • Speed Variable Pan and Tilt Head with Joystick Control and extension cable. You have the capability of controlling the pan speed and the tilt speed independently. This will pan and tilt very slowly or very fast depending on the Sport you are using it with. (See SportsPan video)
  • Standard Pan and Tilt Head with remote control, camera adaptor and extension cable. This is a slower version than the model above and is useful as an end on solution or at a time when you don’t want to pan and tilt a lot or you are filming in a fixed area.
  • Camcorder Rain Cover.
  • Laptop shelf with raincover for pc/mac or monitor.
  • Monitor clamp flexi arm.
  • Upgrade Tripod wheels system – making it easy to move around the pitch etc.
  • Portable 34ah Battery Pack (this is used to power the speed variable pan and tilt head and also can be used to keep a laptop or monitor etc charged if the battery starts to run out.
  • Wheelable case for SportsMast.
  • Wheelable case for all accessories.
  • Lanc Remote to control camcorders record and zoom functions at ground level. We have the ability to control Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC models that have the correct connection.
  • Lanc/Remote Control extension cable for Sony/Canon/JVC/Panasonic.
  • AV cable (Red/Yellow/White) video cable.
  • Component video cable (RGB).
  • Sony 10pin (half-moon shaped) adaptor cable with Lanc and AV connectors.
  • Firewire video cable
  • Hdmi video cable and Mini Hdmi video cable with adapter
  • Full set of open cable cleets to secure cables to the SportsMast 80.
  • 7” Battery Operated HD Field Monitor (allowing you to see what you are filming, it also has a fantastic battery life)

Optional Equipment that can be purchased for the SportsMast 101:

  • Floodlight system
  • HD Camcorder
  • Double Camcorder Mount
  • SportsCam PTZ

SportsMast 101 (9m) Technical Specifications:

  • 1.68m Fully Retracted
  • 9m Fully Extended
  • 45mm Top Tube
  • 101mm Base Tube
  • 9 mast sections
  • 35kg total weight including mast plus integrated tripod 7kg
  • Wheelable Bag

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