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SportsCam & SportsMast Portable

You can mount our range of SportsCam Pan Tilt Zoom Dome Cameras on top of the SportsMast 30, 50, 66, 80 and 101 ranges. We can then connect the SportsCam PTZ to either a Windows Laptop, Apple Mac or Field Monitor to view and record the video footage live utilising our Sports VMS recording software or direct in to a variety of video analysis software platforms like Longomatch, Sportscode, Dartfish, Nacsport, Feedback Cricket etc. The action can be followed by using the easy to operate Video Joystick or via the arrow keys of the laptop or apple mac. All of the hardware can be powered by our portable battery pack which sits inside a robust and weatherproof case.

You have the ability with a couple of the SportsCam’s to fix the SportsMast in position and then view, control and record the camera up to 100m away!!.. we can also increase this distance to several hundred metres if required.

SportsCam Range:

SportsCam Pro Mini Wide, Full HD IP video output with a Wide Angle Lens and zoom.
SportsCam Pro SDI, Full HD with HDSDI video output and a powerful zoom
SportsCam Elite Mini, Full HD IP and HDSDI video outputs and zoom
SportsCam Elite, Full HD IP and 3GSDI video outputs and a powerful zoom

Please contact us at or on +44 (0) 7702 004842 for further information.

SportsCam going up on SportsMast

SportsCam going up on SportsMast: This video shows the SportsCam going up in the air on top of a SportsMast. You can see how quick and easy it is to get the SportsCam up in the air and how stable the whole system is.

SportsCam coming down on SportsMast

SportsCam coming down on SportsMast: This video clip shows how smooth the descent is when the SportsCam is coming down on the SportsMast. The unique reverse air pressure technology of our range of SportsMasts allows any type of camera to come down smoothly and safely. Above all the user does not need to touch any section of the SportsMast at all making the whole process very safe and trouble free. It also shows how quick and easy it is to set up and take down the SportsMast and SportsCam.

SportsCam Pan Tilt Zoom Camera System with Sportscode Video Analysis Software

SportsCam Pan Tilt Zoom Camera System mounted on top of the SportsMast 101

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